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About the Studio

The intimate studio is conveniently located just off Highway 3 North in Millersville, Maryland.  There are two generously sized rooms devoted to music instruction and a waiting room with chairs and snacks.  Students' families are welcome to enjoy the three acre property while waiting, as well.  There is also a bathroom dedicated to the use of students and their families.

Studio Hours

The studio is open by appointment.

Monday to Thursday 2:00 to 7:30 pm.

Monday and Thursday before 2:00 pm.

Piano and Strings Room

The piano and strings room features a 6.5-foot Horugel grand piano, plus professional music stands and musicians' chairs for the instruction of strings.

Percussion, Woodwinds, & 

Brass Room

The room for percussion, woodwinds, and brass features more than twenty instruments, including a marimba, xylophone, and vibraphone, as well as many other percussion instruments for student use and instructor's instruments in the brass and woodwind family.

Waiting Room

The waiting room is positioned in the foyer between the instructional rooms.  Parents are also welcome to sit in.  There are two musicians' chairs and small drinks and snack bar for your convenience.

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